Who we are


Forma Mentis Innovazione e Sviluppo has been working for more than 10 years to improve organizations’ performances and results, through the development and growth of their most valuable asset: human resources.

What characterises people and organizations is the universe of potentials inherent in their own. Forma Mentis identifies in human resources development the keystone to facilitate processes of growth in the organizations.

Our work is oriented to spread awareness, among our partners, of the importance of this heritage, helping them to identify their path of growth and to translate it into a concrete project of empowerment of their competitiveness and success.

Our mission is to promote the innovation, development and continued growth of our partners.

Our approach is always directed to research the best solutions compared to the specific requirements of our partners.

Each partner has got peculiarities that need to be listened, understood, supported and developed; Forma Mentis puts itself out there, alongside the client, with the role of development partner and getting out of the conventional business relationship between client and service provider.

We invest our time in human resources development and we measure success of our works with the customers’ smile.

Our Team